HMSR Valuation

Baseline offers independent 3rd party whole loan & HMSR valuation services. By leveraging our industry leading loan level performance analytics, we offer a level of precision unmatched in the reverse mortgage valuation industry. All valuations are run at loan level to provide our clients with a more accurate – and more actionable – valuation.

Our approach to valuation is available for download here: Baseline Approach to HMSR Valuation

Hedge Advisory

Leverage our extensive capital markets expertise and experience to take the pain out of pricing, hedging, and trading.  Our deep and established relationships across the reverse mortgage industry help us obtain optimal execution on every loan.  It takes a lot of time and effort to originate a loan.  We make sure you get every penny, for every loan, every time.


Thinking about getting involved with reverse mortgages?  As an originator, investor, or otherwise, we can help!